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Receive upto 30% Capital Grants for Energy Saving Projects

Work with a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier

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SMARTECH energyReceive a 30% capital contribution up to a limit of £10,000

SMARTECH energyWork with a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier

SMARTECH energyUnderstand how much energy you will save from your project

SMARTECH energyBenefit from a significant reduction in energy costs moving forward

SMARTECH energyBecome a more environmentally sustainable business

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If you would like to take control of your energy costs and rein in all those energy leakages AND receive up to 30% funding towards your costs, then contact SMARTech energy today to book your FREE energy consultation and learn how our SMART methodology can save your business up to 50% of your current energy consumption.

SMARTech energy a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier

Carbon Trust Accredited SupplierSMARTech energy has recently been approved to join the register of Accredited Suppliers. In order to ensure the quality of the suppliers on the register, an in depth accreditation processes is followed which involved a review by the Carbon Trust into projects previously delivered by SMARTech energy alongside testimonials from previous customers. SMARTech energy were able to satisfactorily demonstrate our ability to deliver energy saving solutions that delivered the projected energy savings to a high standard.

Who can apply?

Small and medium-sized businesses, schools, charities and voluntary organisations are able to apply for a capital contribution towards the cost of their energy saving project based on certain criteria.

Find out more about how SMARTech energy can help you receive up to £10,000 towards the cost of your energy saving project by completing the form above.

Who have we helped to reduce their energy use?

Why not join the other leading businesses that SMARTech energy have helped to reduce their energy use

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